Basics of Finance course is specially designed by Aspire Now Global to empower students pursuing commerce with practical knowledge on various aspects of Finance. Finance is the elixir that assists an individual to take advantage of new opportunities to grow. Finance trends also define the state of economy on a global scale.

This Course will teach students the parameters that should be used to identify good companies and Multi-Bagger stocks. Students will be imparted with practical knowledge and also be given free career counseling in the field of Finance.

Unique Features of this course

  • Highly Recommended programme for commerce students.
  • Basic Terminologies of Finance.
  • How an individual can use finance to grow his existing wealth.
  • Learning how to identify good companies to invest in.
  • Counseling on how to make career in Finance.

Who should do this course?

  • Commerce students.
  • Graduates in Accounts and Finance.
  • Those who want to trade in stock markets.

 Detail Curriculum

  1. What Is finance?
  2. Why do we need finance?
  3. Why do we need investment?
  4. What are financial markets.
    • Money market
    • Capital market
  5. Instruments of financial markets.
  6. Equity.
  7. Why does a company issue shares?
  8. Basic terminologies related to stock market.
  9. Example of multi bagger stocks.
  10. How to shortlist a share.
    • Fundamental analysis.
    • Technical analysis.
  11. Introduction to Technical Charts.
  12. Derivatives
    • Future.
    • options.
  13. Counselling.
  14. Test.
  15. Certificate of completion.

COURSE FEE: 5,000/-