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FRM® is the leading certification for risk managers issued by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

The FRM® exam focuses on risk analysis, identification and minimization of perilous situations within a company or on selected portfolios.

Looking into the growing demand of Financial Experts and Professionals (+65%) in almost every major bank and firm in the world, ANG with a mission to create a highly-earning society and to bridge the gaps between theories.

FRM® Topics

SR No. Subjects of FRM® Exam - Part I Weightage in the Exam
1 Foundations of Risk Management 20%
2 Quantitative Analysis 20%
3 Financial Markets and Products 30%
4 Valuation and Risk Models 30%

Exam window

  May 8th to 21st
  July 10th to 23rd
  November 13th to 26th

SR No. Subjects of FRM® Exam - Part II Weightage in the Exam
1 Market Risk 25%
2 Credit Risk 25%
3 Operational Risk 35%
4 Risk Management & Investment Management 15%
5 Current Issues in Financial Markets 10%

Exam window

  May 2021 15th (Paper Based Testing)
  December 2021 5th to 10th Dec (CBT)

Who all can apply for FRM®?

There are no special requirements to apply for FRM® exam. A person does not even need to have any proof of education prior to enrolling for FRM® exams.

But there are certain eligibility criteria to obtain the certificate. To be certified as a Financial Risk Manager, a candidate should have:

FRM® Fees

One Time Enrolment Fee $400

FRM® Exam - Part I FRM® Exam - Part II
  Early Registration: $550   Early Registration: $550
  Standard Registration: $750   Standard Registration: $750

Life after FRM® Qualification

FRM® Certified salaries in India (Annual Package)


Join your hands with ANG to build a strong conceptual foundation so as to excel in the area of Finance and Risk Management. Find below FRM® Program Details:

200 hr/30-day Program (Now available Online as well as Offline)

ANG has created this Program for all those people who want to flourish in their careers as FRM®.

The Program curriculum is designed with all the latest updates and thorough investigations made on the basis of where the risk managers work, what they do, and what they need to know.

We also provide you with all the essential knowledge and skills required of a risk management professional, which are important for long-term success.

Study Requirements

Estimated minimum study time required per FRM® Exam part

FRM® Exam Part I - 15 hours per week for 18 weeks.

FRM® Exam Part II - 15 hours per week for 18 weeks.

Choose one of the batches as per your convenience:

Weekend Batch

Saturday & Sunday

Weekday Batch

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Some Lucrative features of this Program:

Why Choose ANG for FRM® Program?

ANG aims to furnish the missing dots in gaining knowledge by providing support at every step through practical and experimental training.

Get Unparalleled Customer Support with ANG:


Disclaimer: GARP doesn't endorse, promote or warrant the accuracy or quality of Aspire Now Global. FRM® (Financial Risk Management) is registered trademark owned by GARP.