Option strategy course is an important module which is of interest to traders, investors, student and anyone interested in the option market. It is advisable to have a good knowledge about basics of option  before taking up this course.

Option can be used for hedging, taking a view on the future directions of the market or for arbitrage. Option is also helpful for implementing various trading strategies  which can help in generating income for investors under various market condition.

Unique Feature of Option Trading course

  • Highly recommended program for investors and traders.
  • Learn how to use future and option strategy for hedging.
  • One can make strategies for bullish & bearish market.
  • Can earn with limited amount of money.
  • Experienced CFA® Charterholder faculty with 20 years experience in teaching & trading.
  • Practice in live markets.
  • A complete blend of theory and practical.

Who Should Do This Course?

  • Investors ,traders, Arbitragers, Portfolio Managers.
  • Researchers, Investment Consultant.
  • Those who want to upgrade themselves in Financial Industry, Share Market, Broking Industry.

Career Opportunity

Jobbers, Traders, Portfolio Managers, Dealer desk profile specializing in options. Anyone who wishes to join or upgrade for Financial, Share Market Industry.



  • Long call
  • Short call
  • Synthetic long call
  • Long put
  • Short put
  • Covered call
  • Long combo
  • Protective put
  • Long straddle
  • Short straddle
  • Long strangle
  • Short strangle
  • Collar
  • Bull call spread strategy
  • Bull put spread strategy
  • Bear call spread strategy
  • Bear put spread strategy
  • Long call butterfly
  • Short call butterfly
  • Long call condor
  • Short call condor
  • Exotics

COURSE FEE: 15,000/-
Duration: 15 hours